I’ve had the opportunity to receive both in person and distance reiki from Lisa. She is very calming and connected with her energy. Lisa is able to pinpoint energy blockages and works to remove them. I felt very relaxed and at peace at the end of our sessions and I look forward to the next one!
— Jennifer Pawar, Morristown, NJ

I’ve been so lucky to have 3 long distance reiki sessions with Lisa. Each one was different and I felt she really tuned into what I needed each time. One of the sessions was so calming and relaxing and I felt so peaceful while I carried on with the rest of my day that the things that usually upset or worry me simple didn’t really register - such an amazing mind shift! Another time I was so clear headed and energetic after our session that I got all the work I had put on the back burner done in a couple of hours. Again totally amazing and relieving. I’d recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a gentle and attentive healer and helper. I have no hesitations booking with her and I’ve already recommended her to others.
— Nova Noell, New York, NY

I found the experience of working with Lisa to be very helpful. It brought up a lot of hidden issues for healing and releasing and helped me to clear blocks around being and speaking my truth.
— Nicole Witt, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve had three distance reiki sessions with Lisa, and she is amazing. I feel so clear and light after each session. I highly recommend Lisa as a reiki practitioner!
— Beth Grant, Chicago, IL