Animal Reiki



Our furbabies can greatly benefit from the healing power of Reiki just like us humans. If your pet is stressed or has behavioral issues, Reiki can help bring peace to your family. And just like with people, it can help ease symptoms of health problems. 

What else would a crazy cat lady use as your pet's proxy than a kitty plushie? I'll place my hands over specific parts of the stuffed animal to clear your pet's energy and chakras. 

Distance sessions are ideal for pets (and farm animals too). Even though I have an instant connection to most animals, there can still be stress and issues if I enter their space. Same goes for placing my hands near or on them for long periods of time. Distance sessions remove all potential problems. An added bonus -- you won't have to listen to my never ending pet puns. Show me your pitties! Namaste home with my cat! I woof you! Mo' bunny mo' problems! Okay, I'll stop now... but I do want to mention I donate 10% of all proceeds from animal Reiki sessions to various animal organizations,rescues and shelters.